Monday, June 18, 2007

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Frustratingly Hard Domain Adaptation for Parsing

author = {Mark Dredze and John Blitzer and Pratha Pratim Talukdar and Kuzman Ganchev and Joao Graca and Fernando Pereira},
title = {Frustratingly Hard Domain Adaptation for Parsing},
booktitle = "Conference on Natural Language Learning",
address = "Prague, Czech Republic"
year = "2007"

We will be presenting our struggles with domain adaptation for parsing at CoNLL the week after next in Prague.

Biographies, Bollywood, Boom-boxes, and Blenders: Domain Adaptation for Sentiment Classification

author = {John Blitzer and Mark Dredze and Fernando Pereira},
title = {Biographies, Bollywood, Boom-boxes and Blenders: Domain Adaptation for Sentiment Classification},
booktitle = "Association for Computational Linguistics",
address = "Prague, Czech Republic"
year = "2007"

We will presenting this at ACL the week after next.

Occam's Hammer

John Langford blogged about Occam's Hammer, which I've started reading. I agree with John that this is an interesting new way of proving tight generalization bounds, which is on my mind because of some papers we submitted for publication recently.

What's new in my research?

I'll be blogging here what research papers I am reading and what I have written, with very little commentary. I don't know if it will be useful, but I would find it very useful if researchers I follow had such blogs, so I decided to do my bit.